Spring is coming. ♥
You can feel how the weather changes people's mood.
They are way more friendly and affable.
I'm sure nothing is healthier than a blue cloudless sky!

Ah~ anyway today i decided to be a little rebel.
I skipped chemistry and informatics with my super sweet classmate Anna.
This girl is one of the most amazing persons I know. I don't want to say we are soulmates but we are very like each other.
She can laugh about the same things I do - as long and as loud as I do! - and we mostly share the same opinions. I really love her.
She is smart, enjoys reading and is full of irony. Sitting next to each other drives the teachers crazy and they urge us at least once a day. It feels a little bit like being back in 10th grade.
But Anna is way more insurgent than I am.
I would never be brave enough to skip subjects without her. I still almost died because I was so afraid of getting cought.
Sometimes I hate to be raised in roman-catholic way. I still feel kind of bad and have the feeling I will get punished one day. Probably I will go to confession just to feel better.
We had so much fun and with two free hours school almost is passable.
The brightest part of our school day was the water ice we ate. It was so yummy ♥

I love this song - Abraham's Daughter by Arcade Fire:

You need to listen to it and read the lyrics. I feel like crying while listening to it.

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