Because my life is pretty boring I decided to show you my horrible hair.
Due to my year as an au-pair in the USA and my current jobs I have three atm I have to be a little bit more grown-up no pink, green, blue hair anymore so most of my hair is brown. I'm not a big fan of brown hair and it's hard for me to like myself with natural hair color. I never had the same hair color as long as I have now brown hair: almost two years!!!
I dyed some of my hair in January/Feburary just to feel better and the color started to look really messed up.
Isn't it horrible?
It looks like the hair of a homeless person or a punk.
I like this kind of hair on punks but unfortunatly I don't count myself as one.
I need all this stuff to dye my hair. What do you need?
I used to color my hair without gloves but it's so hard to get the color from your skin afterwards!
I need to separate my brown hair. I don't even want to think about the look if I accidently would dye the brown hair as well.
It's hard work actually. I'm sure I missed some hair but I coudn't change it.
Do you see the brown hair? And now tell my how to get it out!
I dyed my hair green. At the moment I'm using all my old hair colors.
I had so many and coudn't use them all before dying my hair brown in May 2010 so I try to use all the left-overs now.
Blue and most of turquoise is already gone. Voilá. My hair. Apple green. It doesn't look perfectly dyed. I'm not sure if it's my lack of dying-skills or simply that the color is over three years old...
I mean it doesn't look bad yet once upon a time I've been great at dying my hair....

I really seem to get old.

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