I'm living in a very small town in Bavaria.
You can imagine it is pretty boring.
Going out here is different than going out in big cities.
I love partying in Berlin. There are so many different and interesting kinds of people and you will always find somone depressed enough to buy you drinks.
In my town probably I'm the most different person - and I think I'm quite normal compared to other people I know.
Anyway last Friday I went to a party in a little dico/bar called Muk.
You can see in the picture how modern and fashionable it is. Haha.
I had to censor all the pictures because we are all ugly drunkards.
It's like one of the hotspots in my town - can you belive it? - and it was nice.
They play the Top 50s and some good old Bavarian party songs.
I met tons of my friends and drank a loooooooot.
It was embarrassing like always but that's fine.
I enjoy drinking - sometimes a little bit too much.
Drunken I also love to smoke and so we stayed most of the time outside.
A few of my male friends bought me drinks and so I only had to spend 15 Euros.
Easter is coming. I have no idea what to get my family, maybe they won't get anything.

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