I asked for your last cigarette.
Not because I really want to smoke.
I just want to know if I still can get everything I want from you.
And I can.
So, last week I watched all Türkisch für Anfänger seasons. It was so funny and I really love Cem.
I even wish I could get a Turkish boyfriend.
Most of the time I don't like the mentality of German boys. Society want's them soft, romantic and always gentle. I hate it!
I want a guy who knows that he is the man in the relationship.
I'm not a big fan of emancipation - it is so fake!
Women want equal rights but they still want that the guy pays, that the guy takes out the trash and that the guy is carrying the shopping bags. So please, shut up. If you want equal rights kill the spider all by yourself!
Now I started watching Glee again.
I watched Glee every Thuesday on FOX in the USA.
I miss the states a lot and I like Glee. Mostly because of my time in the USA but also because it's such a feel-good-show.
Outsider can be great too. Outsider can get the hot guy too. It's ok to be an outsider.
Haha. No one belives this shit but it's stilll cute to watch.

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