Today I've been to Frankfurt am Main to visit the Johann Wolfgang Goethe University.
This University is my favourite one. My biggest dream is to study there.
I went there with my Dad ♥ I love him a lot, even when our relationship isn't the best.
Anyway the campus is simply beautiful.
I got lots of information and I was able to visit a lecture in German studies. I can't remember the last time I wanted something so badly like I want to study in Frankfurt now.
But I still need to take an entrance test for English and American studies.

It's hard to decide. I'm not sure if I want to study English or American studies as second subject. I've been to the USA, American studies would look better in my CV.
But I'm more interested in English literature, aren't I?
Ahhhhhh. I simply have no idea what to do.
Sadly I coudn't visit my friends from Frankfurt. :-/
I just didn't have the time. We live so far apart and it hurts to be so close but unable to meet each other.
It sucks.
Hopefully I can study in Frankfurt. I will force them to meet me all the time!
Haha, they will get super annoyed ;-)

Do you prefer English or American literature??

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