My brother and my dad have been to Düsseldorf.
Both are fans of Fortuna Düsseldorf - the football team from Düsseldorf ;-) - and they went to see a game.
I wanted to join them but coudn't due to my work.
But my dad and my brother are super cute and they bought me some things I wanted.
Green Tea, Golden Curry and Pockys *-*
They coudn't find everything I wanted but that's fine. Maybe I will be able to go to Düsseldorf in early May. ♥
And you see they don't exactly know my taste. Of course I like Hello Kitty but I'm not a big fan of strawberry pockys.
Anyway I bet I won't eat it for a long time. I can't get Japanese food very often and so it is very special for me.

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