First of all, the new blogspot layout freaks me out. 
I hate changes. I can't handle them....

Today you will get a little spam from me.
At first I need to tell you all the things that happend not a lot actually I got tagged and I watched a movie last Friday.

So spring finally reached my town. My cat is going crazy about the sun and all the animals. She loves to hunt them down.
My old cat normally catched mice but our new cat prefers birds. 
I wonder if that's because she is so small and fast. Our old one was fat and lazy xD
Isn't she cute? I'm always so proud of her. I feel like a mother supporting and spoling her sweet baby.
But she isn't eating the animals she catches. She is just playing with them and showing off.
My sweet Diva ♥

Last Monday I went to donate blood.
And the stupid fucker of a doctor missed my vein.
My arm looks like I got raped or I'm too stupid to take drugs.
I will never be able to understand how they can't find your vein. They studied this shit!!
The picture is from Monday, right after taking off the band-aid. Now it looks even worse.
This kind of things make me so angry. They coudn't even get all the 500 ml blood they normally get. After 225 ml the blood stopped running and he was like "Oh, I probably just poked through you vein. It will hurt the next three weeks."

In five weeks I will write my final exams.
Gosh, I need to study but I'm soooo lazy. I have no idea how to pass all this shit.
It's the third time I will write final exams. And hopefully the last time xD
[I wrote my Mittlere Reife, Fachabitur and now Allgemeines Abitur
I got so bad the second half of the year. That freaks my out. 'cause at Frankfurt's university they have a nc on my subjects. I will hate myself forever if they don't accept me, just because I'm lazy!

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  1. omg.. blutspenden!! X_X
    das würde ich niiiie im leben tun haha.. niemand bekommt mein kostbares blut! noch nichtmal der arzt um zu sehen ob alles ok ist mit mir.. haha..úu.. aber allein die vorstellung ekelt mich an..

    und das mit deinen klausuren schaffst du bestimmt!
    ich finde es sehr bewundernswert, dass du dich durch all die prüfungen quälst.. ich hatte nach der mittleren reife keinen bock mehr.. X_x.. aber selbst die war ein kampf für mich.. dumme faulheit!

    ich drück dir die daumen mit frankfurt! >< ♥