2012 #1

Okay, yes I'm late. 
Anyhow I will do my 2012 report in three steps: movies I watched in the cinema, books I read and other important stuff.

2012 I watched 33 different movies in the cinemayes, I'm only counting the ones I've seen in a movie theater – and I enjoyed most of them.
First of all, I enumerate them for you just in case you care, otherwise skip all the numbers and look at my voting/highlights :-)

They are organized by their release date, not the order I watched them. Yes, I mostly watch high-budget, mainstream, no-deeper-meaning movies and I LOVE it.

1. Intouchables
2. J. Edgar
3. Faust
4. Jack and Jill
5. Star Wars Episode I 3D
6. The Devil Inside
7. Journey 2: The Mysterious Island
8. John Carter
9. Türkisch für Anfänger
10. The Hunger Games
11. Wrath of the Titans
12. Woman in Black
13. Iron Sky
14. Battleship
15. The Avengers
16. Dark Shadows
17. Men in Black 3
18. Snow White and the Huntsman
19. Street Dance 2
20. The Cabin in the Woods
21. Ice Age 4
22. Spiderman
23. The Dark Knight Rises
24. Ted
25. Prometheus
26. Total Recall
27. Magic Mike
28. The Expendables 2
29. Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter
30. Killing Them Softly
31. The Rise of the Guardians
32. Cloudatlas
33. The Hobbit

My personal highlights from 2012 and just because some aren't mentioned doesn't mean that I didn't enjoy them. I just liked others better. :

Favorite love movie: Türkisch für Anfänger
Favorite drama movie: J. Edgar, Cloudatlas
Favorite comedy movies: Men in Black, Intouchables
Favorite fantasy/sci-fi movie: John Carter
Favorite action movies: Battleship, Abraham Lincoln
Favorite horror movie: Cabin in the Woods
Favorite animated movie: Rise of the Guardians
Most epic movies: Avengers, Hobbit
Biggest disappointments of the year: Faust, Snow White and the Huntsman, Wrath of the Titans
Seen more than once in the cinema: Avengers (5x), Spiderman (3x), Hunger Games (3x)

Can't wait for:
Iron Man 2, Thor 2, Hungergames 2, Hobbit 2, Mortal Instruments, the Host, Star Trek 2, Hansel und Gretel: Witchhunter, Lone Ranger, The Wolverine

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