2012 #2

Here some random things I enjoyed 2012 - TV-Shows, actors I will mainly drool over people I think are super hot - and random facts nobody really cares about:

♦ TV-Shows I enjoyed 2012
8th season Supernatural, 4th season Glee, Teen Wolf, Criminal Minds, The New Normal, 2 broke girls 

I want to introduce a lovely tv show to you.

Teen Wolf – It is my new drug. I watched it with Laura and we went crazy over it. It's not really normal how obssesed we got with it, but you grow to love it.
[Stiles and Derek - they will give you feels! also my OTP at the moment and the topic of the most fanfictions I read 2012]
At the moment there are two seasons with 12 episodes each and the plot what plot?? is a little.... Let's just say it's a show about High School students who acidentally become werewolfs? It's a lot of drama, love, hurt, angst, sexy shirtless teenagers the actors are all over 21 so don't feel bad about liking them!
They shoot season 3 at the moment and I can't wait. 
If you want a pain in the ass fandom and way more feels than you can handle, check this show out.

my cat died.
This was probably the most horrible thing that happend to me in 2012. It broke my heart, I still don't really know how to handle it. I miss her badly and yes, I know she is "just" a cat.

♦ Idols
Lana Del Rey, Ryuuto
[Doesn't he look with his pink hair again?]
Lana Del Rey and Ryuuto [former ClearVeil, now Carat] are both very inspiring to me. I would love to look like them, be thin like them, be able to dress like them, act like them, be them. They were my 2012 idols and I'm pretty sure they will be my idols in 2013 as well. 
[Her face, her legs, her clothes!]
Thankfully, Ryuuto turned back to his old style with his new band, after the horrible things he did to himself and his music while being on his solo project. *caugh* 

♦ Celebrity Crushs
Dylan O'Brien, Katy Perry, Matthew Gray Gubler, Jeremy Renner, Jennifer Lawrence

My long-time celebrity crush Katy Perry
[Katy ]
I think she is stunning, beautiful and even if I'm not very happy with her blue hair, it looks good on her. I espacially love her with Rihanna at the moment.
[I ship them. I ship them hard.]
Dylan O'Brien is a sweet 21-year-old actor. Known for his role as “Stiles” Stilinski in Teen Wolf watch it, watch it, WATCH IT!. I have to say I love his role more than I love him. I bet he is a nice person, but not like Stiles. So I would rather say, I have a crush in Stiles not on Dylan.
[Look at this face *_*]
The same goes with Matthew Gray Gubler. I think I'm more intrested in his role as Spencer Reid. Sorry.
I don't have to say anything to Jermey Renner and Jennifer Lawrence, do I? They are both hot, funny, perfect actors. 
[Jeremey Renner's body is.... I can't put it in words....]
Hopefully Jennifer will get the Oscar this year.

[I don't get why Hollywood calls her fat. What is wrong with humanity??]

♦ Comics/Manga
Death Note, Crash, Captain America, New Avengers, Avengers vs X-Men, Deadpool

I had a huge Death Note flash this year, so I bought the manga. In English.

Crash is a new mana series I started with. It is a Shojo-Manga and very cute. It's about a girl, who wants to cast a boyband. Lucky her nose starts to bleed whenever she sees talent. Soon she finds five boys, gets them to join the band and the trouble starts.
Unfortunatly in number 8 the story starts being told from a different perspective, from a different girl. I don't like her and I can't enjoy Crash anymore. Somehow this makes me sad.
I also started to buy American Comics more frequently.

The series I started are Captain America, Deadpool, New Avengers and Avengers vs X-Men comics. I can recommand all of them.

♦ Places
I didn't travel a lot in 2012.
We [Reiko and myself] spent the first week of the new year 2012 in Kyoto, it's been the last week of our Japan trip. Kyoto is a wonderful, beautiful city with lots of history. It was freezing cold and the food was so delicious. I hope to see this city again.
[some pictures from our Japan trip, only the last one is from Kyoto]

Soon after – still in January – I had a class trip to Rome. It's been my first time in the capitol of Italy and it was great. I had an awesome time with my school friends and I think Rome made Anna and my to hardcore buddies.

Sadly that's all the trips I did this year. Hopefully I'm able to do more trips in 2013. I would love to go to Paris or London.

♦ haven't had enough...
Wodka, Selbstdisziplien, USA, books, gay rights

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