Do you have couples which make you believe in love?
I mean, are there people who let you believe fairytales can come true and the whole world is a Disney movie?
I do. I love these couples, it makes me happy to see them and if they ever break up I will be devastated. 
They are like a real-life love movie for me. They are the reason why I love to read gossip magazines. 
Here are my three true love couples at least I hope it is true love! I want them to last forever and ever and ever and sing happy songs about each other:

Nicole Richie and Joel Madden

My forever and ever favorite couple. 
[They do look good  together.]
Nicole und Joel are so good for each other. Both are mentally and psychic healthier since they started dating in 2006. They have a daughter (2008) and a son (2009) and finally married December 2010.
[Nicole, Joel and their baby daughter 2008]
The things you see from them at twitter makes you belive, they have a real and normal relationship. They prank each other, they are mad at each other and go out on date nights.
Nothing special or Hollywood-something. Just them.
[Joel's latest tweets about his wife. I don't usually save them, but I wanted to show them to you. So I stalked him a bit.]
Nothing is cuter than Joel posting red carpet pictures of his wife, refering to her as "this hot woman". I don't know, but for me it feels like love.
[I hope they never ever break up. EVER!]

Beyoncé and Jay-Z

They are in a relationship since around 2002, finally married in 2008 and 2012 they became partens to a super cute girl with a ridiculous name: Blue Ivy Carter.
[Beyoncé is way too pretty to be real.]
Beyoncé and Jay-Z make a lot of music together and they support each other non-stop.
You don't know a lot about their privat life and I like that. They keep to themselves and it works. I mean 10 years together in the show business is a lot. Even things like their marriage and that Beyoncè was pregnet weren't published as soon as they knew it - they kept their time and told the public months later. 
[I love this picture.]
And they look so good together. Ridiculous handsome. Both of them. 

Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka 

First of all: The living proof that same-sex couples can last longer, can be better parents and can look hotter than most some hetero couples.
[two good-looking guys loving each other.]
Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka date since 2004 and have twins since 2010. They do the most adorable Halloween-costumes and tweets.
[left: Wizard of OZ 2012 right: Peter Pan 2011]
[Some tweets I just stalked and saved for you.]
You simply need to love them. And as I already said, they are a wonderful advertisement for gay marriage, gay relationships and same-sex parents. 
[this is probably the most gay picture I've seen in my life.]

Bonus: Kate and William

I have a girls crush on Kate. I think she is super hot William is not really my type haha 
[I never seen her looking anything but stunning.]
Kate lives the whole princess dream and kind of got her happy ending. 
Now they are pregnant and I'm so excited! Yes, this kind of things make me super happy.
[big wedding day]
I hope she won't turn into a second Diana and that she and William will have a great marriage full of love and children and British tea. 

You have to like at least one of this couples. I can't belive you are human if you don't.
Or do you like different ones? I mean, are there cuter couples? 
Are on this planet better real life love stories?
Ah and I don't know why I had to talk about my favorite couples. It's late and I had too much Energy Drinks.

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  1. nicole richi und joel find ich auch klasse, das war in meinen augen voll das überaschungspäärchen :) schön das sie es solange zusammen aushalten hihi