Last weekend I've been to Köln.
Közi - former member of Malice Mizer - gave a free concert and one of my friends is a huge fan.
We thought about taking the train but renting a car and driving by ourselves would be cheaper, faster and less stressfull.
I got the car from europcar and I can only suggest their service. They were the cheapest and friendliest car rental I've been to. And the car we got was perfect.
Altogether we paid 150€. [24-h car rent + gasoline + comprehensive insurance]

The opening act was amazing and I liked them more than Közi. Sorry.
The concert was great, we had fun and I would do it again.
Unfortunately I can't really tell you anything about the concert. I didn't know Közi's new band and the opening act, so it was all new to me. Further I was pretty exhausted 'cause none of my friends has a driver license and I drove all the way by myself.
[the vocalist from SPEECIES and myself with a stupid, way too happy smile]

SPEECIES [the opening act]

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  1. u look so cute! *O*
    he's a dork! °-°"" well, looks like one. sorry xD

    wondering whether i should post my blog in english too? o.o