All the things I bought this November - or the reason why I never ever have money. 
I personally think I just bought really necessary things, but you can see yourself. 

I went to Primark for the very first time two or three weeks ago. 
And considering it's been my first time, I did very well. 
[a turquoise long sleeve basic with puffy arms, a grey T-Shirt with skeletons, a USA&music-themed T-Shirt
a royal blue long sleeve basic, a Bane will break the Batman T-Shirt, and a supercool KERPOW T-Shirt. x3]

This store is simply isane. 
I love the male T-Shirt collection. Why do guys have way greater T-Shirt designs than femals? Seriously, Bambi is cute and Alice pretty, but I want vulgar comic jokes the Family Guy T-Shirts were hilarious. I NEED FREAKING MONEY. 

Today I've been to Müller. I'm a creature of habit, it's easier for my to go shopping in stores I already know from my home town. 
So I rather drive to Offenbach than trying to find a different store, which will probably sell the same things, in Frankfurt
I just wanted to buy some paperclips, yet I got carried away. Ups. 
[400 colorful paperclips and 300 ZEBRA paperclips, the new Lana Del Rey album BORN TO DIE The Paradise Edition and Rhianna's new album UNAPOLOGETIC.]

Paperclips are my new best friends since I started to go to university. They help me to keep everything in order and prevent me from getting lost in all the papers.
The music CDs..... yeah, I bought them because I really needed them at that very moment. I'm sure you know my feelings!
I haven't listen to the Lana Del Rey CD but I already own and love the original Born to Die CD and know some of her new songs, so I'm sure I will love the other new songs as well. 
The Rihanna CD kind of sucks. No big suprise here, is there? I really enjoy her new single Diamonds and I liked most of her former singles. However the songs on Unapologetic didn't quite catch my ear yet. Maybe it will change if I listen a few more times to it. Argh, what happend to my music taste? A few years ago I was all about Japanese indie rock music and now? America changed my music taste so freaking much. Now I'm perfectly fine with simple American pop music. 

Futher I orderd some new comics online and they arrived a week ago. The shipping was pretty fast and I even got some Coca Cola gummybears.
I bought some more Deadpool comics to add to my collection. 
[all the Deadpool comics I own so far. not that many but money q_q]

I thought I use the opportunity to introduce Deadpool to you. He is awesome. 
At any rate one of my favorite super heros. I might introduce my other favorites to you later.
He is an super sassy asshole mercenary. He got some of the most badass sayings in the Marvel universe. 

Basically he got super healing powers and is a genius with guns, swords, bombs and everything else with the skill to kill you. 
I show you some panels from Deadpool # 8 to show you his awesomenss. In German, sorry to all the non-Germans!
[His humor!!!! I always guffaw while reading his comics. a mental high five to the incredible talented people who write his dialogues.]

And his sexy face without his mask. He got skin cancer that's why his skin looks so odd. It kind of rips and pops open due to the cancer, but because of his healing powers he won't die and his skin heals and closes. You can say his skin is in non-stop motion. 
[Ok, I'm honest. I prefer him with his mask on. He does as well. Seeing him like this is pretty rare.]

If you still don't belive he is awesome and a badass:
Here, he is having a fist-fight with Santa Claus.
How cool is this? 
Go and sit in a corner if you don't think he is great.
[I really wonder if he will get presents this year.]

In case you want to start reading comics and like strange humor, I highly recommend Deadpool
Beside the obvious reasons his awesomness, humor, guns, swords, blood, and did I mention he is able to cut of his limbs and is still able to survive? most times the storyline is finished in one comic book in the German version. So it's possible to buy a random volume and to understand what's going on. 

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