Actually I just wanted to complain about all the reading I have to do for University, but a story came up.
Nowadays my Sundays are reseved for the all work and homework. I usually spend the whole day in my bed, listening to music and staying as far away from the PC as possible. Otherwise I woudn't get done a single thing. The highlight of every Sunday is the movie at 20.15 - either RTL or Pro7 today it will be RTL and X-Men! wuhu.
Isn't living alone the most exciting thing ever?
[have a look at my bed working place]

 To cut a long story short, I opened one of my books and see what I saw:
[no, you didn't lose your ability to count. the pages 131 - 174 are missing.]

This is one of the most unbelievable things that ever happens in my life. I mean, did this ever happen to you? A book missing pages? They are not ripped out, they are simply not there.
And of course I have to read page 155 - 165 for class tomorrow. 
One good thing, now I know how to resend stuff to amazon. I will send this book back tomorrow as soon as possible. 

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