Lot's of things changed.
I now live alone in the great city Frankfurt am Main - actually I already live since two months in my own flat.
Time is running way too fast.
I got into the University I wanted to and now I study German and English literature.
What I'm going to do with this? What I will work one day?
I have no clue, but I think it makes me happy.
So it is probably the right thing to do/study. [at the moment it is NOT making me happy and I'm sure I will regret not studying bussiness or law one day.....]
[A picture of a wonderful Deadpool and me from the book fair 2012 to defuse the tension]

I will try to post more often and maybe I will be able to tell some fun stories - and no worries. I don't have money left for going to the cinema. No more cinema post beside super duper important movies I had to see in the theater.

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